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About Vino Pete (my story)

A 15- year passion started with my first visit to Napa valley.

Soon after moving San Francisco in 1996, I visited Napa valley for a day of wine tasting.  I was already a dedicated reader of Wine Spectator (WS) magazine from cover-to-cover.   A Beringer chardonnay was chosen as the #1 wine of the Top 100 for the year.  Armed with this information and had to acquire one of these magical bottles.   Although the #1 spot was occupied by a 1994, they were pouring the 1996 which had already received a 96-point rating (WS)!  It was a bit pricy for my budget, but I had to have it and bought one anyhow.

I brought the bottle home and decided to cellar it in my wooden kitchen rack for about a year or so.  A year later when I opened the bottle, I noticed that the wine   was cloudy.  Sure enough I knew after the first taste with even my limited wine knowledge and experience, something was wrong.  Turns out I learned a powerful lesson.  The combination of sunlight exposure and heat in the kitchen over the past year had slowly cooked the wine and killed it rather than aged it.

This was an early lesson in the care and storage of wine.  Once I finally purchased a wine chiller refrigerator things improved greatly when I needed to store wine.  Even better would be to set up a dedicated wine cellar or buy a lightproof, temperature and humidity controlled storage unit.  I would also recommend off-site storage in a trustworthy dedicated facility if you lack the space needed in your home.

In this blog I will share my weekly reviews of a wine of my choosing from the West coast of North America.  I will also be hosting #VinoChat Tweet chat weekly on Thursday at 9pm Eastern Time.

For fun I enjoy monthly day trips up to Napa to do a bit of tasting and sometimes little buying too.  I purchase most of my wines at local shops in San Francisco and a select few others in California and Oregon.

Wine tourism plays a big factor in vacations as well.  I have visited Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Napa, Sonoma, Willamette valley, and Woodinville on the West coast so far.  On the East coast of the US I have tasted wine in the Niagara region of Canada, the Niagara Escarpment AVA on the US side of the border and the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.  I Tuscany I visited Montalcino and Chianti on my honeymoon.

As a kid I remember playing in the vineyards of my grandfather’s family farm in NY.  I had no interest in grapes then, but it sure was fun!


Peter Trapasso

Social Media Consultant



Peter Trapasso, self-taught social media and wine expert, is the owner of PeterTrapasso.com, listed on Alltop Social Media. As part of a 14+ year corporate career in technology he worked for Fortune 500 and startup companies. Also one of the top 250 most followed people on Twitter in San Francisco and a +K Klout Influencer.  He is a food and wine enthusiast and recently launched VinoPete.com featuring wines of the West Coast reviewed weekly.

He is also a writer and guest blogger on many popular social media blogs including, LeadersWest.com (writer monthly contributor), MichelleSchaffer.com, and SocialMediaLedger.com (Regular contributing blogger), The Marketing Heaven.

Peter also hosts VinoChat Thursday’s at 6pm Pacific Time.  Each week he talks about a different wine topic or entertain a special guest.  All you need to attend is a Twitter account and an interest in wine!  Please use hashtag #VinoChat when tweeting about VinoChat.  Keep up to date by joining the Facebook group for VinoChat.

He also volunteered for 2 pro bono social media analytics projects  using Google Analytics through the Analysis Exchange. And worked with a mentor and a non profit client each time to help them improve their social media measurement, analysis, and marketing campaign efforts.



About Peter Trapasso

Peter Trapasso, also known as “Vino Pete” is the founder of VinoPete.com. Subscribe and visit us weekly for our latest wine review. Now writing for Examiner.com