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Roederer Estate Brut Rosé NV Anderson Valley

Name of wine: Roederer Estate Brut Rosé NV Anderson Valley {EAV:ac9606259801e5e3}

(60% Pinot Noir 40% Chardonnay, Anderson Valley AVA, Mendocino County, California) Alcohol 12%

100% Estate grown.  5200 cases.

Price paid:  $22  Buy Now

Where purchased:  Vino!, San Francisco, California

Tasting Notes and my Comments:  Looks and smells very inviting.  Picture perfect bottle, label, color, and fizz.  From the coppery foil on the bottle to the pleasant smell and wonderful color.  Very refreshing too.  Like off-dry, artisanal grapefruit soda!  Tasted September 4, 2012.

Color:  Salmony-peach color with lively bubbles.

Nose:  Pleasant, slight yeast detected.  A delicate nose.

Palate:  Pink grapefruit and citrus with mouth filling bubbles.  Some acidity in the finish.  Off-dry.

Food:  I could celebrate and toast this one all night long.  Absolutely pair with fresh oysters on the half shell as well.

Winemaker notes:

Roederer Estate has been producing wines in Anderson valley since 1982.  The estate was founded by Champange Louis Roederer has a 200-year in history in France.

From the Roederer Estate website:

“As with all Roederer Estate wines, the Brut Rosé is comprised of 100 percent estate-grown grapes. Oak-aged wines from the Estate’s reserve cellars are added to the blend, creating a multi-vintage cuvée in the traditional Roederer style. Only the cuvée (first pressing of 120 gallons/ton) is used—no premiere or deuxieme taille. The wine is then fermented at 65 degrees Fahrenheit in high-grade stainless-steel tanks. Five percent Pinot Noir is added for color prior to secondary fermentation; no malolactic fermentation is used. Oak-aged reserve wines from the Estate’s cellars make up 10 percent to 20 percent of the Rosé cuvée.”

The Anderson VAlley AVA is located in Mendocino County, California.  There are several up and coming wineries located here known for their pinots and chardonnays.  Some of my favorite winemakers including Sean Thackrey source some of their grapes from the Valley as well.

Do you prefer Brut, Brut Rosé, or even vintage sparkling wine?  What is your favorite sparkling wine??

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Ramey 2010 Chardonnay Russian River Valley

Name of wine:
 Ramey Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2010

(100% Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California) Alcohol 14.5%

Price paid:  $20 (375 ml)

Where purchased:  D and M Wine and Liquor Co., San Francisco, California

Tasting Notes and my Comments:  A nice, smooth chardonnay.  This red wine lover would choose this chard as a white wine option.  The oak character does become more pronounced as you sip this one.  A little bit of fizziness dances on the tip of the tongue.  Ramey’s got legs too!  Tasted August 19th, 2012.

Color:  Pale gold straw.

Nose:  Floral.  No butter and some oak detected.

Palate:  Soft with some acidity.  Creamy mouth feel and a long finish.  Low minerality.  Medium alcol.  Some citrus notes.

Food:  Enjoy with parchment salmon, sharp cheeses, and artichokes.

Winemaker notes:

David Ramey is known as a pioneer in California winemaking. He brings old world traditions to the West coast.

From the Ramey website:

“David Ramey is widely acknowledged to be among the wine pioneers whose efforts helped raise the bar for all American winemakers and brought California to the forefront of the international wine world. David’s groundbreaking work with indigenous yeasts and malolactic and barrel fermentation yielded a new California style that was richer, more lush and silky smooth than previously known. As a result, he created a benchmark style now emulated by many.

“Ramey Wine Cellars, which David owns with his wife, Carla, was founded in 1996. Currently, David continues to “swing for the fences,” as he likes to say. To make great wines, he takes chances, harvesting his grapes at the last possible moment and using methods in the cellar that his former college professors consider risky at best. The resulting wines are praised among colleagues, consumers and the media alike.”


The Russian River Valley AVA is located in Sonoma County, California.  This cool climate growing region gets morning fog from the Pacific Ocean as well.  Some of the West Coast’s best Chardonnay’s and Pinot Noir’s come from here.

When you drink white wine do you choose a chardonnay?  If so, which one??

About Peter Trapasso

Peter Trapasso, also known as “Vino Pete” is the founder of VinoPete.com. Subscribe and visit us weekly for our latest wine review. Now writing for Examiner.com